Thursday, September 19, 2013

Learning Log #3 (Sept 22nd - 28th) Due 30th

Homeroom - Learning Logs, worked on putting together our new Homeschool zipper binders.
Math -  Cacluladder worksheets, one a day.  Weather worksheets.
English -  Started Easy Grammar, one a day.  Started Apples Daily Spelling, one a day.  Handwriting worksheet, one a day.  Practiced reading by reading George Washington's Rules of Civility.
History - Monday Co-op.  Learned about the Pilgrims and Plymouth Rock.   Role Played what it was like to live in England with a King and cast Systems (the Lot in Life game).  Read the Mayflower Compact, voted like the pilgrims for our first governor.  Made little Mayflowers and floated them.   Friday Co-op.  Inquiry work throughout the week.
Technology -
P.E. - Homeschool Parkday
Music and Art - Ward Choir.  Practice for the musical Beauty and the Beast at home.

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