Saturday, September 7, 2013

Family Coat of Arms or Crest

For our Adventure Co-op each family introduced themselves at the Kick-off party.  When I told my kids that we needed to make a poster or something to introduce us they wanted to do a family flag.  Their primary teachers made a family flag and they liked that and wanted to do something like that.  I thought making a coat of arms would be fun and they jumped on it.  So here is the coat of arms we made for  the kick off party,  we had it printed and it is now hanging in our front room.

Name Banner - Maroon (Patient in battle, and yet victorious)

Eagle with two heads (Conjoining of two forces)

Golden  Eagle represents Jeff giving the gift of  Gold (Generosity and elevation of the mind), and of a wheat sheaf (The harvest of one's hopes has been secured) in orange (worthy ambition).

Silver Eagle represents Jeanine giving the gift of Silver (Peace and sincerity), and a fish (A true, generous mind; virtuous for himself, not because of his heritage; also unity with Christ, spiritual nourishment) in orange (worthy ambition).

The shield is divided by a chevron (Protection; Builders or others who have accomplished some work of faithful service) in silver (Peace and sincerity).  The top of the chevron shows an Embattled Line (Walls of a fortress or town.  The Bottom of the Chevron is a Raguly Line (Difficulties that have been encountered.)

The top field is represents the parents with Jeff on the left and Jeanine on the right.  This field is blue representing the parental attributes of Truth and loyalty.

The bottom field is green which represents the childlike attributes of Hope, joy, and loyalty in love.  This area represents the Peel kids in age order Daughter 1 the highest, Daughter 2 the second highest, Son 1 on the male side, Daughter 3 on the female side and Son 2 on the bottom.

The family charges will be described in the next post.

The Motto on the bottom is Anxiously Engaged on an orange banner (worthy ambition, or good cause.)

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