Saturday, September 7, 2013

Family Charges

Papa - Bee (Efficient industry) holding a Spear Head (Dexterity and nimble wit; readiness for battle).

Mama - Goose (Resourcefulness), with outstretched wings (Swiftness and protection) crowned by a rainbow (Good times after bad).
Daughter 1 -  is represented by a Cat a lioness to be exact (Liberty, vigilance, forecast, and courage) with an armored fist (Leadership).
Daughter 2 -  is represented by a dog (Courage, vigilance, and loyalty) surrounded by fire (Zealousness).

Daughter 3 -  is represented by a peacock (Beauty, power, and knowledge) and a feather (obedience and serenity).

Son 1 -  is represented by a Hawk (One who does not rest until his objective is achieved) and a Lightning Bolt (Swiftness and power).

Son 2 -  is represented by an Otter (One who lives life to the fullest) and a Fleur-de-lis (Purity; light)

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