Wednesday, May 29, 2013

If I made my own business, ways to make money

E - SP's Actor, teaching, becoming a famous speaker, inventing a way to read in the shower, become the next William Shakespeare, Dancing, Teaching Acting
A - Making Yarn out of bunny wool, My won Grocery store, Living on a farm, hapkido, making computer games, and author of a book, performing, zoo keeper
C - Foster Dogs, Riding horses for people, dubstep, babysitting animals, babysitting, singing, gymnastics, playing piano, mowing lawns
S - a Movie director, break dancing, being like jacki Chan but SP version, become a member of the zombie defense agency, mining for titanium, famous singer, mowing the capitols lawn and getting allot of money, palentologists
W - Selling Ducks, Gymnastics Hapkido and Break dance, farm, eggs, inventing the grey goo, I want to make money out of toys, babysitting, typing on my computer, flips

Most favorite
E -  Becomming an Actor
A - My own supermarket
C - Fostering Dogs
S - Inventing a Grey Goo
W - Faga Fleega (must be the name of his shop)

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