Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I am a homeschool mom

I am a homeschool mom.
That means my goals are goals for my family and my children.

When I have extra income it all goes towards the goal of giving my children the best I can.
When I have extra time it goes towards giving my children the best that I can.

Some women go on shopping trips for girls night out, I go hang out with other moms at homeschool park day.

Some ladies have beautiful wardrobes, I have beautiful children, with beautiful spirits.

Some ladies have big fancy houses, I have a modest home full of love.

Some families spend quality time going on expensive trips, I spend quality time everyday, at home, giving my all to my children.

Some people have large retirement investment accounts, my children have large future investment accounts full of years of my devoted service towards them.

I don't have jewels to show off to the world, but my children are my jewels and I love to see them shine....

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