Monday, July 2, 2012

Tumbelina's lesson #1

For homeschool we are trying something new.  Angelic and Tumbelina are taking turns preparing and giving lessons to the family.  Since they are the teachers of the subject they get to pick what they want to teach about.  When brain stroming about what she wanted to teach about Tumbelina said she wanted to teach about animals, animals and more animals.

Today we learned about five animals, they were a mix of birds and animals from North America.
Four of the animals were birds, one was not.
Four of the animals were from North America, one was not.

Tumbelina is very interested in the Peregrine Falcon since we have a pair of falcons living close by that are constantly trying to steal our eggs or baby chicks.  We have seen many attempted chick napings and even some rooster/falcon fights.

Here is a list of the animals we learned about.

North American Animals
Spectacled Caiman

Birds of North America
Trumpeter Swan
Harpy Eagle
Peregrine Falcon

Birds not from North America


  1. Looks like our next lesson needs to have a Venn Diagram so they can diagram the relations of the animals out. Oh, and we need to cover abbreviations for the metric system of measurements, that confused a few of my kids.

  2. Matching Measurements

  3. Venn Diagram


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