Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Getting into My Tech - Better then Christmas!

I am sooo happy we made it into My Tech!  My Tech is set up for education they way I do homeschool.  

I love learning subscriptions to things like Brain Pop and Study Island.  

I also try to include technology education in my homeschool.  I had just purchased an animation software that I was trying to learn, then I learned about My Tech.  I was sold on My Tech the moment I saw the tech class videos. I was so excited, those classes could teach my children for me, and I could learn along with them.  

We love community classes when we can afford them.  Most of the time I have to pick and choose who gets a community class.  Now with My Tech all of my kids will be attending a community class.  

Each year I would spend lots of money buying great school books and going to museums.  Now with the custom made courses I can do both through My Tech.  

Each year I would plan what we wanted to do for homeschool and find I had to cut back allot because of finances.  This year with My Tech I planned all I wanted to do and still had open courses left for me to plan more.  

None of this is even speaking of the wonderful tech allowance.  My home computers are getting old and outdated.  We have been limited in how much we can do on the computers because of old computers and not enough computers.  With my tech allowance I can upgrade our technology to keep up with our learning plans.  

It really is better then Christmas getting into My Tech, we can not wait for the school year to start.

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