Friday, March 25, 2011

Scriptorial History and Classical Literature

Over a hundred years ago the Bible was considered real history by Christians.  It was taught to their children as the foundation for truth.  Today as I persue Scriptorial History it can feel like I am discovering new things, until I come across old Christian novels and I am reminded that there is not much new under the sun.  Today Christian and Biblical beliefs are being challenged from many sides.  Most noteably the public school system professes to teach a "nutural" curriculim all the while teaching concepts that challenge biblical thought.  To combat these challenges many of us turn back to our roots, the scriptures and classical literature.  As we study classical literature we learn again that... the more things change the more they stay the same.

PreFlood History
  • Walks From Eden - Join Tiny and his family as they discuss Biblical Stories and Concepts.  In this beautiful story the family will discuss the pre flood events in the bible in great detail and continue the dialogue through to Abraham and his children, thus covering all the major themes in Genesis.   
History of the first Civilizations

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