Monday, January 17, 2011

Ebook Resource List

Below is a list of Ebooks I am using in my history research.  The links are listed for me to have easy access to the documents.  Some of the free documents are viewable to the public.  Others that I paid for are private inorder to respect the owner of the copy right.

The Amazing Bible Timeline with World History e-Chart

The Greenleaf Guide to: Old Testament History, by Robert G. Shearer & Cynthia A. Shearer

  • Table of Contents - tells each book of the Old Testament and the topic it covers
  • p15 Graphical Time Line of Ancient History
  • p54 God's Promise to Moses
  • p121 The Kings of Judah and Iseral
The Legends Of The Jews, By Louis Ginzberg, Translated From The German Manuscript By Henrietta Szold
  • Volume I, I the Creation of the World p 17

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