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Homeschooling by the Numbers

Homeschooling by the Numbers - in text form

Across the United States homeschooling has been overlooked and underrated by many. Diving deeper into student performance and the environments of homeschooling households. It is clear that homeschoolers have risen to the occasion and met the expectations of recruiting Universities and American workforce.

There are an estimated 1.9 to 2.5 million home-educated kindergarten through 12th grade students in the United States.

Homeschooling likely represents over $16 billion that American taxpayers do not have to spend

Comparing 2008-2009 SAT Scares

Homeschoolers 550
Religious-Affiliated Private Schools 533
Public Schools 496

Homeschoolers 578
Religious-Affiliated Private Schools 533
Public Schools 510

Homeschoolers 555
Religious-Affiliated Private Schools 530
Public Schools 487

Demographics of the 2008-2009 Sat Test-Takers

Independent Homeschooling
73,928 Total Students
52% male 48% female

Religiously - Affiliated Private Schools
139,002 Total Students
50% male 50% female

Public Schools
1,093,374 Total Students
46% male 54% female

National Average Percentile Scores Public School Versus Homeschool

Independent Homeschooling 89th
Public Schools 50th

Independent Homeschooling 84th
Public Schools 50th

Independent Homeschooling 84th
Public Schools 50th

Independent Homeschooling 86th
Public Schools 50th

Social Studies
Independent Homeschooling 84th
Public Schools 50th

Education Level of Homeschooled Parents

Some High School 1.4%
Graduated from High School 8.4%
Some College 15.4%
Associates Degree 8.6%
Bachelor's Degree 37.60%
Master's Degree 20%
Doctorate 8.7%

Some High School 0.5%
Graduated from High School 7.5%
Some College 18.7%
Associates Degree 10.8%
Bachelor's Degree 11.6%
Master's Degree 2.5%
Doctorate 8.7%

Number of Children Per Homeschooled Families

1 Child 6.6%
2 Children 25.3%
3 Children 26%
4-6 Children 25.9%
7 + Children 6.3%

National Average of Children per household.

Homeschooled 3.5 children
Public School - 2 Children

98.3% of homeschool students use a computer at home.

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