Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Some Crafts from our Mesopotamia Unit

We learned how to do hanging weavings, it was a long slow and difficult process.  The kids learned a healthy respect for clothing from this project.

In Mesopotamia they would hammer wedge shaped tiles  into buildings for decorations.  Here we are using golf tees hammered into floral foam. to simulate the the method.


  1. Do you have some written info on this it sounds interesting.

  2. Hey can you divulge more information about Mesopotamia. It really sounds an interesting topic.

  3. The only other bit of info I have posted on my blog about Mesopotamia is this "The earliest written language that has been discovered yet was found in Mesopotamia written in the Sumerian language using Cuneiform writing it was made about 3200 BC. The Kish tablet was found in Mesopotaia and may be the earliest form of writing ever discovered." It is from this post..
    I hope write more in the future about fascinating Mesopotamia, but I do not have more at this time.


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