Friday, August 20, 2010

Dressing up as Royalty from Ancient Mesopotamia

I purchased this book.  Ancient Egyptians and Their Neighbors: An Activity Guide by Marian Broida.  We started learning about Mesopotamia today.  The dress up ideas in the book were very easy to follow so all the kids got involved and enjoyed making their crowns and wraping their clothes.

The clothing is simply wrapped around the kids with the extra cloth draped over one shoulder.  Men would wear the drape on the right and women would wear it on  the left.

The ladies crowns have leaves dangling in the front and flowers standing straight up in the back.  The were made of metal, silver and gold.

This crown style was first worn by an Assyrian Queen.  It was a replica of the walls of Assyria.  This crown design was since used in Greece and Europe.  But the design originated from copying the Assyrian walls.


  1. That is so neat! Love that the kids got so involved and did such a wonderful job :)
    Go Momma!

  2. Hey I really love what you have done. Though Mesopotamia is a dead civilization. It can be revived like this. And this thing is really going to help me in my University project.

  3. HI!my name is Claudia and I am researching Mesopotamia.This helped me very much to know what they wear!Thank you

  4. Those costumes look great! I want to make one for myself!!


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