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Genesis - Reading the Scriptures in chronological order

  1. The Plan of Salvation: My Life Is a Gift; My Life Has a Plan, Children's Friend Jan 2008, Flannel board page for the Plan of Salvation.
  2. D&C 76:  The status of those in the telestial, terrestrial, and celestial glories is explained
  3. Moses 1:  Moses sees many inhabited worlds,without number created by the Son. God’s work to bring to pass eternal life of man.
  4. Chapter 1: Before the Old Testament - Old Testament Scripture Story
  5. Abraham 3: Premortal Life
  6. Chapter 2Jesus Makes the Earth  - Old Testament Scripture Story
  7. Gen 1Creation days 1-6
  8. Gen 2Creation day 7 Adam and Eve introduced to the garden
  9. Chapter 3Adam and Eve - Old Testament Scripture Story
  10. Gen 3Adam and Eve partake of fruit and cast out
  11. Abraham 4Creation days 1-6
  12. Abraham 5Creation day 7 - Adam names the animals
  13. Moses 2Creation days 1-6
  14. Moses 3All things created spiritually, Adam created
  15. Moses 4Satan tempts Eve 
  16. Moses 5Adams children
  17. Moses 6Adam keeps a book of remembrance
  18. Chapter 4Adam and His Family - Old Testament Scripture Story
  19. Gen 4Cain kills Able, Seth and Enos
  20. Chapter 5: Enoch - Old Testament Scripture Story
  21. Gen 5Generations of Adam, Enoch
  22. Moses 6Enoch
  23. Moses 7City of Zion Established
  24. Moses 8Methuselah prophesies, Noah
  25. Gen 6Earth full of wicked men,  God commands Noah to build Ark
  26. Gen 7: Noah enters the Ark
  27. Chapter 6: Noah - Old Testament Scripture Story
  28. Gen 8flood ends, Noah leaves ark, offers sacrifice
  29. Gen 9Promise of the Rainbow, Canaan cursed
  30. Gen 10the descendants of Naoh
  31. Chapter 7: The Tower of Babel - Old Testament Scripture Story
  32. Gen 11Tower of Babel, Abram leaves Ur
  33. Chapter 50: The Jaredites Leave Babel - Book of Mormon Scripture Story
  34. Ether 1Moroni abridges Ether, Jaredite language not confounded, lead to promise land
  35. Ether 2Jaredites prepare for journey,
  36. Ether 3Lord touches stones, Jared sees Christ, interpreters given
  37. Ether 4Moroni writes Christs commands
  38. Ether 5Moroni talks of three witnesses
  39. Chapter 51The Jaradites Travel to the Promised Land - Book of Mormon Scripture Story
  40. Ether 6Jaradite barges driven to the promised land
  41. Chapter 52The destruction of the Jaradites - Book of Mormon Scripture Story
  42. Ether 7Orihah rightous king, Prophets inspire people to repent
  43. Ether 8Akish forms an oath-bound secret combination
  44. Ether 9The kingdom passes from one to another by descent and intrigue and murder
  45. Ether 10Some of the kings are righteous; others are wicked
  46. Ether 11prophets predict the utter destruction of the Jaredites unless they repent
  47. Ether 12The prophet Ether exhorts the people to believe in God
  48. Ether 13Ether speaks of a New Jerusalem to be built in America by the seed of Joseph
  49. Ether 14The iniquity of the people brings a curse upon the land
  50. Abraham 1Abram seeks priesthood, priests try to sacrifice him, Jehovah saves him, The beginning of Egypt told
  51. Abraham 2: Abram leaves Ur to Canaan, Jehovah appears to him, Abram travels to Egypt
  52. Review Abraham 3-5: Abram learns of sun moon and stars, kolob, premortal life and the creation.
  53. Chapter 8: Abraham - Old Testament Scripture Story
  54. Gen 11Tower of Babel, Abram leaves Ur
  55. Gen 12Abram leaves Egypt, to Canaan, then back to Egypt because of famine
  56. Gen 13Abram returns to Egypt
  57. Gen 14Lot Captured in battle of kings, Abram rescues him
  58. Gen 15Abram desires ofspring, seed number as the stars, 
  59. Gen 16Abram and Hagar
  60. Gen 17Abram name changes to Abraham, Circumcision introduced, promise of Isaac
  61. Gen 18Three holy men visit Abraham, Isaac promised, destruction of Sodom discussed
  62. Gen 19Lot's family rescued from Sodom, Sodom Destroyed
  63. Gen 20Abimelech desires Sarah who is preserved by the Lord
  64. Gen 21Sarah bears Isaac, Hagar cast out,
  65. Chapter 9: Abraham and the Sacrifice of Isaac - Old Testament Scripture Story
  66. Gen 22Abraham commanded to sacrifice Isaac
  67. Gen 23Sarah dies and is buried
  68. Gen 24Abraham's servant is guided to find Rebekah for Isaac's wife
  69. Chapter 10: Jacob and Esau - Old Testament Scripture Story
  70. Gen 25Abraham dies, Rebekah conceives Jacob and Esau
  71. Gen 26Lord gives promises to Isaac, Esau marries a Hittite
  72. Gen 27Rebekah guides Jacob to seek blessing, Jacob blessed, Esau angry
  73. Gen 28Esau marries a daughter of Ishmael, Jacob convenants to pay tithes
  74. Chapter 11: Jacob and His Family - Old Testament Scripture Story
  75. Gen 29Jacob meets Rachel, serves Laban for seven years, marries Leah
  76. Gen 30Jacob marries Bilhah and Zilpah, Rachel bares Joseph, 
  77. Gen 31Jacob comanded to return to Canaan, Laban and Jacob resolve their differences, 
  78. Gen 32Jacob sees angels, Jacobs name changed to Iseral
  79. Gen 33Jacob and Esau meet and are reconciled
  80. Gen 34Dinah defiled, Hivites slain by Simeon and Levi, Jacob reproves them.
  81. Gen 35Jacob is sent to Beth-el, Rachel bears Benjamin and dies, Isaac dies
  82. Gen 36The generations of Esau
  83. Chapter 12: Joseph - Old Testament Scripture Story
  84. Gen 37Jacob favors Joseph, Joseph has a dream, his brothers sell him into Egypt
  85. Gen 38Judah has three sons by a Canaanite and twins by Tamar as a harlot
  86. Chapter 13: Joseph in Egypt - Old Testament Scripture Story
  87. Gen 39Joseph prospers, Ruler in Pitiphars house, falsely accused, cast into prison
  88. Gen 40Joseph interprets dream for butler and baker
  89. Gen 41Joseph interprets dream for Pharaol, becomes ruler in Egypt,  gathers grain
  90. Chapter 14: Joseph’s Brothers in Egypt - Old Testament Scripture Story
  91. Gen 42Jacob sends his sons to buy grain in Egypt, Simeon imprisioned and brothers sent back for Benjamin
  92. Gen 43Benjamin goes to Egypt with brothers, they feast with Joseph
  93. Gen 44Joseph stops brother from returning, Judahoffers himself in place of Benjamin
  94. Gen 45Joseph makes himself known, Pharaoh invites Joseph and his family to dwell in Egypt
  95. Gen 46Jacob and his family sent to Egypt, Joseph meets Jacob
  96. Gen 47Jacob blesses Pharoal, Joseph sells grain to Egyptians for cattle and land
  97. Gen 48Ephraim and Manasseh adopted by Jacob, Iseral shall come again to land of their fathers
  98. Gen 49Jacob blesses his sons, Judah rules, Jacob dies
  99. Gen 50Jacob burried in Canaan, Joseph promises family will leave Egypt, Joseph dies

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