Monday, July 5, 2010

Bible Stories and The Story of the World

I found a wonderful book at the DI

CBOBS - The Child's Own Book Of Bible Stories
This book tells the stories of the bible in a wonderful story format.  Because I know that as a LDS reader I will understand the stories differently I  am going through and pre-reading all of the stories with a pencil in hand.  As I need to I cross out parts and add in parts.  I find that the editing I need to do is very little but important.  Story Three "The Tower that was never finished" is a perfect set up to jump right into reading The Story of The World.  It talks about nomads and people settling between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers.  Which are the beginning stories in the story of the world.  So I am very happy with this combination and will read these two together back to back.

I am going to use these two books together.
SOTW - The Story of the World

I found this wonderful book that tells history in story fashion.  It is highly rated among Christian Homeschoolers.  We have had so much success with family reading time that I wanted something that took a broad look at history in a story version. I am very happy with this book.

Here is the order I will read the chapters in
  1. CBOBS 1 - Adam and Cain
  2. CBOBS 2 - Noah
  3. CBOBS 3 - Tower of Babel
  5. SOTW 1
  6. SOTW 2
  7. SOTW 3
  8. SOTW 4
  9. SOTW 8
  10. SOTW 10
  11. SOTW 5
  12. SOTW 18
  13. SOTW12
  14. CBOBS 4 - Abraham and Issac
  15. CBOBS 5 - Isaac
  16. SOTW 6
  17. SOTW 9
  18. SOTW 12
  19. CBOBS 6 - Jacob
  20. CBOBS 7 - Jacob's Dream
  21. CBOBS 8 - Jacob Returns
  22. CBOBS 9 - Joseph
  23. CBOBS 10 - Joseph in Prison
  24. CBOBS 11 - Joseph's Dream
  25. CBOBS 12 - Joseph reunited with family
  26. SOTW 7
  27. SOTW 10

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