Saturday, May 8, 2010

Working out a few kinks

The previous lesson plan for Plan of Salvation Week flowed to slowly, I thought I had misjudged the flow of the lessons.  I am still working hard to try to figure out how to teach combined history of all the scriptures and world history in one timeline.  It is proving to be complicated.  Below is a spreadsheet of what I am working on now.

History Outline

I have forgotten FHE days and Saturday and Sundays of no homeschool.  More kinks to work out.

The scripture memorization verses I will use will be from The Articles of Faith and Our Family Constitution as a first priority, then other scriptures that fit that topic and are important.  I will also get scriptures from the 2010 primary program and Old Testament Scripture Mastery and Book of Mormon Scripture Mastery.

FHE lessons will come from Old Testament Gospel Doctrine Teacher’s Manual and Children's Friend flannel-board lessons.

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