Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Solar System, Butterflies and Jump Roping

Right now in our homeschool we are doing allot of interest based learning.  Our interests has us excited about the solar system, butterflies and jump roping.

Solar System - We have the CD for They Might Be Giants, "Science is Real."  The song about the solar system inspired the kids to make the solar system diorama that you saw in Chicks in Space from an earlier post.  The diorama launched us into a homeschool unit about the solar system.  Right now we are watching videos about each planet individually from our Youtube Solar System Playlist.  The list will grow as we learn about each planet.  When we find the box with the printer (hopefully soon) we will make these solar system books: The Planets of our Solar System Book, A Printable Book for Fluent Readers and Our Solar System Book, A Printable Book for Early Readers.  Other great solar system resources are Solar System Learning Activities and All About Space, Table of Contents.  As we learn about each planet we put a wall sticker for each planet on Curious's wall, and we color in the planet on a solar system map.

Future Topics that may come of our Solar System studies are learning more about PLANET-C: Venus Climate Orbiter mission of Japan I guess it was launched on March 3rd 2010, and learning about stars and galaxies. 

Butterflies - The interest in butterflies was sparked when we saw some pretty butterfly wall stickers at Honks.  I tried to look up each different butterfly on the stickers and then learned there are way too many butterflies and it was impossiable to find the right one.  So instead we are learning about the butterflies on the stickers based on features.  The first day we learned about the Painted Lady butterfly (coloring pagelife cycle simple and life cycle book) and Swallow Tail butterflies (like the Tiger SwallowtailUlysses Butterfly and  Zebra Swallowtail Butterfly) then today we learned about the Blue Morpho butterfly, tomorrow we will learn about the Peacock butterfly, then I think next we will learn about Fritallaries, who knows what after that.  Each video we watch about butterflies is being saved in our Youtube Butterfly Playlist.   After each day of learning about butterflies the girls get to each put a butterfly sticker up on their wall that most resembles what we have learned about. More wonderful butterfly resources are Butterfly and Moth Printouts.  Other butterflies of interest are the MonarchOregon Silverspot ButterflyZebra Longwing Butterfly and the Queen Alexandra's Birdwing Butterfly.  Also of interest are moths like the Luna Moth,  Jumping Bean Moth and  Silkworm Moth.  And finally don't forget to learn about caterpillars (Label the Caterpillar Diagram and Caterpillar Anatomy) like the Woolly Bear Caterpillar.  The kids have their eyes on a butterfly kit where you can watch the butterfly grow.

Future Topics that may come of our butterfly studies are Diagrams, Silk, and reading the book A Girl of the Limberlost (which is about a girl who collects moths to earn money to go to school, great book)

Jump Roping - We purchased some beaded jump ropes from Utah Idaho School Supply.  We resized them to fit each kid (should come up to the kids arm pits while they stand on the rope).  The big kids started jumping on their own and the younger kids were standing while I turn a longer jump rope.  Now the big kids are excited about jumping while I turn the rope and chant.  Today we chanted the Utah chant we heard at the gymnastics competition we attended the other day. U T A H, Utah Utah Utah.  The younger kids found that rocks work like chalk and played with rock chalks while the older kids jumped.  After jumping Angelic asked me if she could learn to spell caterpillar jumping like that.

Future Topics:  using jumping to learn spelling words, learning the different states and how to spell them.

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