Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Snakes and Abraham and Egypt

The kids saw a snake in the yard so we are learning about snakes in homeschool right now.

This webpage was the most helpful so far. Non-Poisonous Snakes

We learned about the milk snake, coach whip, garter, and the ring neck snakes today.  Then we learned about the coral snake so we could tell it apart from a milk snake.

Now we are going to jump roap to the chant about coral and milk snakes. "Red and yellow will kill a fellow.  Red and black is safe for jack."  We are watching jump rope tricks today here is our Youtube Jumprope Playlist.

We are reading in the scriptures about Abraham, we red in the Pearl of Great Price about Abrahams early life, and about his time with the Egyptians.  Now we are learning more about Egypt starting with our Egypt Youtube Playlist.

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