Tuesday, August 11, 2009

History; Timeline

I found a wonderful timeline that combines World History, Bible History and Book of Mormon History. This is now the back bone of our homeschools history lessons. After you buy the poster you also get a PDF version of the timeline, which is very useful for lesson preparation. LDS Time Line http://lds-timeline.com/

Here is a list of the resources our family is using to study this timeline, and the order and selection of topics we will study.

LDS.com History Resources

The Old Testament Stories
The Old Testament World Map
Old Testament Events
Photographs of Scriptural Sites

Other Resources

I found this wonderful book that tells history in story fashion.  It is highly rated among Christian Homeschoolers.  We have had so much success with family reading time that I wanted something that took a broad look at history in a story version. I am very happy with this book.

  1. The Story of the World
Our Timeline Topics to study

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    1. I've seen a similar timeline before somewhere, but I didn't realize there was an LDS one. We read (sometimes use the audio book) the Story of the World as well. It's a fun way to learn History!


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