Saturday, August 15, 2009

History - After the Flood to Elijah and Elisha

The first Nomads: SW p 7,9

China: SW p 66, 70, 73

Phoenicia: SW p 110, 112

The Tower of Babel scripture story


Indo German Tribes

Abraham: Scripture Story of Abraham, SW p 35

Sodom and Gomorrah Destroyed: Gen 19

Isaac: Scripture Story of Abraham and the Sacrifice of Isaac

Jacob: Scripture Story of Jacob and Esau, Jacob and His Family


Joshua Scripture Story

Ramses II


Trojan War

Ramses III

Brick and Stone works in China

Western Europe and Africa Colonized: SW p 76, 79, 83

Ruth and Naomi Scripture Story

Samuel Scripture Story


King Saul Scripture Story

David: Scripture Story of Young David, David and Goliath, King David,

Solomon: Scripture Story of King Solomon, The Temple, The Divided Kingdom

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